101 Nutrition – Macro & Micro Nutrients

Macronutrients = Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat & Water

Micronutrients = Minerals and Vitamins

Macronutrients are used to fuel your body from the activities you perform outwardly to the internal factory working within your microscopic cells. Excess energy is stored for fuel to be used later in the form of fat, in fat cells.

Firstly, not all macronutrients are equal in value – each supply a different amount of calories per gram (e.g. carbohydrates 4, protein 4 and fats 9).

(SORRY ABSolutely -NO- Calorie counting here – these numbers are intended to show the value of each macro -calorie counting will be explained in a future post)

Secondly, not all macronutrients are equal, so it’s important to identify the ‘Nutrient-dense’ options recommended in 365FUEL meal programs.

365fuel Nutritional Programming = Lean & Mean-FAT-Burning Machine

What’s 365FUEL all about?

365FUEL is designed to complement our Lifestyle training schedule and deliver balanced nutrition through recipes and ‘Real’ foods that Nourish, Heal and FUEL the body to perform at an optimum level.

Through our 3 specific phases of nutrition, we guarantee RESULTS in Weight-loss, Fat-loss, toning and Lean Muscle Gain, based on holistic principals to make your healthy LIFESTYLE, sustainable – “ALL-Year-Round”!

Phase 1: LAUNCH (1-3 weeks)

Ketogenic principals = lean protein, minimal fats, no carbohyrates

  • Excess water loss – initial kilos dropped will be excess fluid, “disguised as FAT”
  • Fat-burning – fat stores are used for fuel
  • Detox & Detachment from addictive foods and substances e.g. sugars, breads and
  • alcohol – may effect energy levels and mood
  • Detox, liver eliminates toxins and excess hormones e.g. estrogen

Phase 2: BLAST (2-4 weeks)

Ketogenic principals = lean protein, vegetables, good fats and cycled starchy carbohydrates

  • Fat stores are burned for fuel
  • Blood sugar is stabilised
  • Complete micronutrients (e.g. vitamins and minerals)
  • Energy levels increase
  • Lean muscle gain – and visible muscle definition (“JuicyAbs” signature)

Phase 3: CRUZ (Lifestyle – All Year Round)

Ketogenic principals = efficient use of specific carbohydrates

  • Replenishes glycogen stores
  • Resets the Metabolism for ‘Fat-Burning’, NOT – ‘fat-storage’
  • Lean muscle gain
  • Healthy & maintainable body-fat percentage
  • Balanced Body & Mind = mental clarity

Below are some ‘mouth-watering’ examples of the delicious meals in our 365FUEL program, created by our “AlphAmen” in the current AlphAmAn Challenge II …..ENJOY!!!


Blast/Cruz: GJ’s AlphAmAn Omelet available at “Table 1 Espresso”


Blast/Cruz: GJ’s Salmon Salad Special


Blast and Cruz: Steve’s Breakfast Burrito


Blast or Cruz: Steve’s Smoked Salmon and Egg-white Omelet Plate


Blast and Cruz: Paul’s packed lunch


Blast and Cruz: Matty’s Deconstructed Burger Plate


Blast/Cruz: Steve’s “Fit for a King” Plate


Launch: Deano’s Breakfast Burritos – for lunch and dinner too they look so good!


Launch: Deano’s Cinnamon Chicken


Launch: Steve’s Smoked Salmon sandwich


Launch: Steve’s Smoked Salmon Rolls


Launch: Steve’s Protein Pancakes with Chocolate Sludge Sauce


Launch: Deano’s Turkey Powerballs